2021 State Party Convention

Every year following a Presidential Election the seats on each DelDems Committee are vacated and open for re-election. This process is known as Reorganization and is a prime opportunity for new Democrats to engage with the Party infrastructure.

Earlier this year each of the District and Subdivision level committee reorganized and elected their officers. For a full slate of District and Subdivision level leadership visit our Local Party directory page.

This June, the Delaware Democratic Party will complete its reorganization at the 2021 State Convention! 

Saturday, June 12, Delaware Democrats from every part of the state will gather virtually for the 2021 State Party Convention. The Convention will mark the conclusion of the 2021 Reorganization process.

The voting body of the State Convention is made up of Delegates that are allocated based on each Representative District's Democratic strength. The full 2021 Delegate Allocation can be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking here. Each Representative District Committee elected their State Convention Delegates (and up to five alternates) at their March or April meeting. Only these Delegates are eligible to vote on matters presented at the State Convention. 

There are several key agenda items for the 2021 State Party Convention

Rules Committee Report

The State Party's Standing Rules Committee has drafted a revised State Party Rules document. The Rules Committee began meeting in 2020 and held regular meetings and sub-committee meetings to discuss proposed changes. A final redlined version of the Revised Rules was posted in April for public review. On June 9, 2021, the Rules Committee met to consider oral and written suggestions to the Revised Rules. The Rules Committee to this feedback into consideration while writing its Final Draft of the 2021 State Party Rules. This updated draft will be put to a vote at the State Convention and can be found at the bottom of this page in the documents section.

Click here to view a final draft version of the 2021 State Party Rules proposal

Click here to view the current (2019) State Party Rules document


Election of Officers

The term of each State Party Officer* ends on the day of the State Convention. Delegates will elect State Party Officers to a four-term. The officer positions up for election are 

  • State Party Chair
  • State Party Vice-Chair (2)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 

Descriptions of the responsibilities for each officer can be found in Section 6.4 of the State Party Rules. Nominations must come from the floor of the convention and advanced notice of candidacy is not required but is encouraged.

*National Committee Member seats are not up for election at the 2021 Convention. Per Democratic National Committee and State Party rules, Delaware's National Committee Members are elected in Presidential election years as part of the National Convention Delegate Selection Process. National Committee Members will be voted on in 2024.


Platform Committee Report

In addition to electing officers, State Convention Delegates will also vote on a proposal from the Platform Committee. The Platform Committee is made up of two Co-Chairs and a proportional representation from each of the State Party's four subdivisions, New Castle County, Kent County, Sussex County, and the City of Wilmington.

The Platform Committee was tasked with drafting an updated State Party Platform. This document outlines the Delaware Democratic Party's values and priorities. The Platform in many ways functions as the Party's guiding light for the next four years and beyond.

As part of the platform drafting process, the committee accepted feedback and suggestions from Delaware Democrats during a public comment period. The Platform Committee took these suggestions into consideration while framing their initial draft. The first draft of the 2021 Party Platform was then release for a second public comment period. Delaware Democrats were encouraged to submit their thoughts on the Draft Platform in writing or at the Committee's Public Comment Meeting. At the conclusion of the second comment period the 2021 Platform Committee formulated its final draft while taking the public's feedback into consideration. The final draft will be put to a vote at the 2021 State Party Convention.

Click here to view the final draft of the 2021 State Party Platform

Click here to explore the current State Party Platform


Resolution Committee Report

Delegates will also vote on a package of resolutions presented by the convention's Resolutions Committee. This committee is made up of five delegates from each Subdivision and a Chair appointed by the State Chair. The Committee considered proposed resolutions that were put to it in writing and shall present a report to the Convention.

The Committee met in a public meeting on June 8 to consider and adopt the proposed resolutions submitted to it by Delaware Democrats. The Resolutions Committee then went to work compiling the resolutions as adopted into a singular package of resolutions that will be presented to the Convention and put to a vote.

Click here to view the Resolutions Committee's proposed resolutions package


June 2021

2021 Delaware Democratic State Convention | June 12


Last updated: June 9, 2021