Economic Accountability

Delaware Democrats believe Delaware and America are strongest when the working class is thriving. Increasingly, economic gains are accruing disproportionately to the rich, which we believe is both corrosive to our democracy and detrimental to our economy. All means to ensure the economy works for everyone should be utilized, ranging from wage insurance to easily accessible job training programs.

Wall Street Reform: Financial reform is necessary to rein in Wall Street excesses. We applaud the progress made by President Obama in this area and believe we need to build on those efforts during the Biden Administration, not reverse them. Wall Street should never again be allowed to work without oversight or consequences. President Biden has a strong set of goals and policies that are designed to mitigate the inequity that is built into our economic system, curbs the abuses of Wall Street, protect consumer interests, support Social Security and retirement programs and end poverty. Delaware Democrats support these goals and policies of the Biden Administration and encourage our Democratic legislators to use these to build for economic success and fairness in Delaware. 

Strengthening of Dodd-Frank: We believe in a balance of a vigorous effort to reduce corporate concentration and helping small businesses expand. Steadily increasing corporate concentration distorts the market and results in higher costs and less choice for consumers. Democrats believe in a competitive marketplace, not one wherein consumers suffer due to unfair pricing exercised by monopolies and near monopolies.

Tax Code Reform: The wealthy and corporations should pay their fair share of taxes to promote economic equality. The Delaware Democratic Party believes in a tax code that rewards work, promotes prosperity, and removes tax breaks for those who intensify economic inequality in our society. We believe in tax relief for working families and changes to the tax code to help families get ahead, such as a refundable tax credit. Additionally, Delaware Democrats believe in eliminating or greatly reducing the income limits seniors can earn while collecting social security before they reach full retirement age.