State Party Leadership


There are 25 voting members of the State Executive Committee. In addition to the statewide leadership, each subdivision is represented at the State Executive Committee by the subdivision chair, treasurer, and at-large members. 


The seven statewide party officials were elected at the Democratic State Convention, held June 10th, 2017.

State Party Chair:

Erik Raser-Schramm

State Party Vice Chairs:

Betsy Maron
Jim Hussey

State Treasurer:

Representative Helene Keeley

State Secretary:

Linda Cavanaugh

National Committeeman:

Sean Finnigan

National Committeewoman:

Kerri Evelyn Harris

Subdivision Chairs:

City of Wilmington: Cassandra Marshall

New Castle County: Dave Woodside

Kent County: John Starke

Sussex County: Jane Hovington

Subdivision Treasurers:

City of Wilmington: Lynn Fuller

New Castle County: Lydia York

Kent County: Jody Sweeney

Sussex County: Eric West

At-Large Members:

City of Wilmington: Coby Owens

New Castle County: Victoria ClarkAbby Betts | Katherine CaudleRick Williams

Kent County: Terri McIvor

Sussex County: Chad Lingenfelder

State At-Large: Harold StaffordTamarra Morris | Craig Aleman

The State Executive Committee also includes a non-voting parliamentarian.