May 10, 2019

DelDems release draft delegate selection plan for 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee

Press Release

NEW CASTLE – The Delaware Democratic Party has published a draft of its delegate selection plan for the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee next July, where Democrats will nominate their candidate for president.

The draft document is posted prominently at, along with related materials and Democratic National Committee documents that are central to the presidential nominating process. The plan will be posted for 30 days, through June 9 for public comment, before the Delaware Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee considers it for approval at its June 11 meeting in Dover. A final version of the plan is due to the DNC by June 14.

The plan, which is summarized in Section X, details the Delaware Democratic Party’s commitment to an open and transparent process that will ensure that the result of Delaware’s presidential primary reflects the true will of Delaware Democrats, and that the related delegate selection proceedings will be fair and accessible to all who wish to participate. 

“This comprehensive plan reflects how seriously the Delaware Democratic Party takes this process and outlines the ways we are prepared to guarantee its sanctity,” said Delaware Democratic Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm. “Perhaps most significantly, this plan reflects our commitment to ensuring that the delegation we send to Milwaukee is as reflective as possible of our Party’s diversity.”

Delaware will select 28 total delegates and two alternates for the Democratic National Convention, which will be held July 13-16, 2020. In addition, Delaware will send two pages and three standing committee members. While Party leaders and elected officials will make up a portion of the delegation, the majority of the delegate slots are open to any Democrat who wishes to run. 

The plan details how registered Democrats can participate in each level of the delegate selection process, from Representative District level caucuses in March of 2020 to the Presidential Primary itself on April 28, 2020, to the Delaware Delegate Selection Caucus slated for Dover on May 9, 2020. 

The plan also details the Delaware Democratic Party’s education and outreach plan, which will begin in earnest this fall and is aimed at making as many Delaware Democrats aware of the delegate selection process as possible.

“We need to be a united force in order to defeat Donald Trump and elect a Democratic president, and part of that is building our Party and engaging voters who may have felt walled off from the Party in the past,” Raser-Schramm said. “We are the Party of the People and I think this plan and the process it outlines clearly reflects that.”

Those with comments or questions about Delaware’s Draft Delegate Selection Plan can submit them via email to through June 9. All comments received will be considered and submitted to the Democratic National Committee with the final version of the plan prior to June 14.