2020 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection


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In 2020 Democrats from across America will formally nominate our candidate for United States President, at the Democratic National Convention. Each U.S. State and Territory will elect a delegation of local Democrats to participate on their behalf. This page is home to information on how to participate in the 2020 National Convention Delegation on Delaware's behalf. 


2020 Delegate Selection Plan

The process for how Delaware will elect it's National Convention Delegates are outlined in the 2020 Delegate Selection Plan. This governing document received final approval from the National Committee in November 2019, after a nearly year-long process of drafting and revision. Anyone who is interested in becoming a National Convention Delegate is strongly encouraged to review the Delegate Selection Plan.

Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, and the postponement of Delaware's Presidential Primary to July 7, the Delaware Democratic Party is working with the DNC on a revamped Delegate Selection Caucus Plan, which would move the selection of our subdivision-level delegates to the Democratic National Convention to an online balloting system. 

Delaware gets 14 total Subdivision-level delegates, broken down as follows:

  • City of Wilmington: 2
  • New Castle County: 8
  • Kent County: 2
  • Sussex County: 2

The Subdivision-level delegates will be allocated proportionally to qualifying candidates, with only state delegates pledged to the qualifying candidate eligible to vote. Elected at the Representative District Level, the list of state delegates - elected at the subdivision level - can be found here.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • April 13 (9 a.m.): Deadline for state elector candidates to submit their candidate statement (to be distributed with ballots)

  • April 15 (9 a.m.): Representative District-level Ballot Request form will be made available at www.deldems.org/DNC2020ballotrequest.

  • May 15 (5 p.m.): Final day to request a Representative District-level ballot

  • May 15: Postmark deadline for all Representative District-level ballots

  • May 18 (5 p.m.): Deadline to submit ballots via email to DNC2020@deldems.org.

  • May 20: State Party will announce results of all Representative District-level elections and the full State Convention elector list will be published at www.deldems.org.

  • May 18: Drive-thru voting option (pending further public health directives)

  • May 21: Pledged National Convention delegates can begin requesting lists of state electors to the June 6 Delegate Selection Convention.

  • July 7: Delaware’s Presidential Primary.

  • July 9-13 (proposed): Delaware Democratic Party’s Subdivision-level online voting period.

  • July 16 (proposed): Delaware Democratic Party's Delegate Selection Convention (PLEO and At-Large Delegates) and Delegation Meeting in Dover.




Delegate Selection Resources:

2020 Delaware Delegate Selection Plan FINAL.pdf425.24 KB
2020 Affirmative Action Committee.pdf127.71 KB
2020 Delegate Selection Overview (Spanish).pdf3.29 MB
Statewide DDSC Delegate List.pdf55.54 KB
Wilmington DDSC Delegates.pdf34.8 KB
New Castle County DDSC Delegates.pdf45.71 KB
Kent County DDSC Delegates.pdf38.73 KB
Sussex County DDSC Delegates.pdf40.24 KB
DNC Delegate Pledges - Biden.pdf53.21 KB
DNC Delegate Pledges - Sanders.pdf41.44 KB
DNC Delegate Pledges - Warren.pdf35.64 KB