2020 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection


DNC 2020


In July of 2020 Democrats from across America will gather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to nominate our candidate for United States President, at the Democratic National Convention. Each U.S. State and Territory will send a delegation of local Democrats to participate on their behalf. This page is the hub for Delaware's 2020 Delegate Selection Process.


2020 Delegate Selection Plan

Before Delaware's Delegation can be selected, its Delegate Selection Plan must be passed by the Party's State Executive Committee. The Delegate Selection Plan will govern the selection process and outlines the procedures by which Delaware will choose its convention delegates.

On May 9, 2019, a draft version of out 2020 Delegate Selection Plan was posted online for public comment. The public comment period is now CLOSED. Delaware's Delegate Selection Plan was approved by the State Executive Committee on June 11 and is currently under review by the Democratic National Committee. The final plan will be made available once approved by the National Party. 

Delegate Selection Resources:
[DRAFT]2020 Delaware Delegate Selection Plan.pdf397.37 KB
2020 DNC Delegate Selection Rules.pdf301.3 KB
Regulations of the RBC for the 2020 Convention.pdf405.15 KB
2020 Call for the Convention.pdf607.54 KB
2020 Affirmative Action Committee.pdf127.71 KB
Delegate Selection 2020 Extension Letter.pdf58.87 KB
DE DSP 2020 Extension Approval.pdf84.51 KB
2020 Delegate Selection Caucus Certification Form.pdf1.13 MB
2020 National Delegate Pledge Form.pdf394.49 KB
Presidential Filing Forms 2020.pdf272.3 KB
Delegate Selection Draft Plan Press Release.pdf243.11 KB