2020 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection


DNC 2020


This July Democrats from across America will gather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to nominate our candidate for United States President, at the Democratic National Convention. Each U.S. State and Territory will send a delegation of local Democrats to participate on their behalf. This page is home to information on how to join Delaware's 2020 National Convention Delegation. 


2020 Delegate Selection Plan

The process for how Delaware will elect it's National Convention Delegates are outlined in the 2020 Delegate Selection Plan. This governing document received final approval from the National Committee on November 8, 2019, after a nearly year-long process of drafting and revision. Anyone who is interested in becoming a National Convention Delegate is strongly encouraged to review the Delegate Selection Plan.

Delegate Application Period now open!

The Delaware Democratic Party is now accepting delegate pledge/certification forms for both the National Convention(DNC) and Delaware Delegate Selection Caucus (DDSC). Democrats hoping to be considered for either the DNC or DDSC must submit their forms before the deadline. 

  • To be considered for the DDSC, Caucus Certification Form must have been submitted by February 28, 2020

  • To be considered for the DNC, Delegate Pledge Forms must be submitted by April 9, 2020. Submit this form if you would like to attend the National Convention in Milwaukee. 

Completed forms can be emailed to DNC2020@deldems.org or dropped off at State Party Headquarters in New Castle.


Regional Caucus Votes Postponed 

March caucuses were planned for Democrats in each of the state’s 41 Representative Districts, where electors to the State Party’s Delegate Selection Convention were to be chosen. The Convention, which currently remains scheduled for May 9 in Dover, is where Delaware’s delegation to the 2020 Democratic National
Convention will be selected. As of March 21, the regional caucuses have been postponed indefinitely.

Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm issued the following notice:

Dear Delaware Democrats

As the stark realities of the coronavirus outbreak become clearer across our state, we feel a responsibility to revisit our plans regarding our Party’s Delegate Selection process.

Today, the Delaware Democratic Party is announcing that it is immediately suspending our Delegate Selection Caucus process and all corresponding district-level votes.

While the majority of Delaware’s 41 representative districts have already selected their delegates to our State Convention, another dozen districts still need to hold their elections. We recognize that those running to be state delegates are eager for their districts to vote, but we must prioritize public health during these unprecedented times.

As soon as we are able to communicate additional details about the timing and nature of these pending caucus votes, we will communicate them to each of you.

In the meantime, please know that we are doing all we can to be faithful partners in bending the curve of this pandemic, and partnering with our state officials on solutions that keep all Delawareans safe. 


Erik Raser-Schramm


Moving forward, caucuses in districts where elections are not necessary will be canceled, while districts, where voting is required, will likely have their caucuses replaced with drive-thru voting stations designed to significantly limit human-to-human contact.

The changes were ratified in an emergency vote of the Delaware Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee on Monday, March 16.

To date, 14 of 41 districts have already caucused and chosen their electors, including all districts in the City of Wilmington and Kent County. Another dozen districts will not need to caucus because the number of people on the ballots in those districts does not exceed the four people each district is eligible to send to the
state convention.


District Caucuses 
Already Held (14)

District Caucuses where Elector Slates can be Administratively Approved (12)

District Votes  (15)

RD1 (Wilmington & NCCo)

RD5 (NCCo)

RD6 (NCCo)

RD2 (Wilmington)

RD10 (NCCo)

RD7 (NCCo)

RD3 (Wilmington)

RD18 (NCCo)

RD12 (NCCo)

RD4 (Wilmington & NCCo)

RD19 (NCCo)

RD13 (NCCo)

RD8 (NCCo)

RD21 (NCCo)

RD14 (Sussex)

RD9 (NCCo)

RD24 (NCCo)

RD15 (NCCo)

RD11 (Kent & NCCo)

RD27 (NCCo)

RD16 (NCCo)

RD28 (Kent)

RD36 (Sussex)

RD17 (NCCo)

RD29 (Kent)

RD37 (Sussex)

RD20 (Sussex)

RD30 (Kent)

RD38 (Sussex)

RD22 (NCCo)

RD31 (Kent)

RD39 (Sussex)

RD23 (NCCo)

RD32 (Kent)

RD41 (Sussex)

RD25 (NCCo)

RD33 (Kent)


RD26 (NCCo)

RD34 (Kent)


RD35 (Sussex)


RD40 (Sussex)


Delegate Selection Resources:

2020 Delaware Delegate Selection Plan FINAL.pdf408.86 KB
Regulations of the RBC for the 2020 Convention.pdf405.15 KB
2020 DNC Delegate Selection Rules.pdf301.3 KB
2020 Call to Convention.pdf607.54 KB
2020 National Delegate Pledge Form FINAL.pdf392.25 KB
Presidential Filing Forms 2020.pdf272.3 KB
2020 Affirmative Action Committee.pdf127.71 KB
2020 Delegate Selection Overview (Spanish).pdf3.29 MB