One of the most frightening words a patient can hear from a doctor is “cancer.” We know it from the experience of our families and friends, and the millions of Americans who hear it directly from their doctors each year.

As part of our 2016 Delegate Selection Process, the following Representative District Caucuses will be held to elect 4 delegate to attend the Delaware Delegate Selection Caucus (May 7).

Senator Harris B. McDowell III and Senator Dave Sokola co-author a piece for Delaware State News on the importance of raising the minimum wage.

Earlier this year, I was proud to join my fellow Democrats in the General Assembly in leading the effort to boost investment in Delaware’s roads, bridges and highways. Soon, we will start seeing the real results of this action up and down the state, on major roads as well as local streets. Over the coming months and years, we can look forward to a safer transportation network, more good-paying, reliable middle-class jobs and the economic growth that’s been proven to accompany public investments in infrastructure.

Click this link to see the filed candidate list on the Delaware Department of Elections Website: 2016 Filed Candidates

Almost every day, I ride Amtrak between Wilmington and Washington, D.C., and each day out the window, I see the site of the old Chrysler plant in Newark. Each time I see it, I think about being there 15 years ago when I first ran for public office, introducing myself to thousands of hard-working employees.

By Senate President Pro Tem Patricia Blevins and Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf

"This next year is an important one. We must come together to take a holistic view of our finances and put Delaware’s long-term fiscal health ahead of short-term political victories. Delaware has an impressive tradition of collaboration across party lines. If we can move forward in that spirit again, the sky is the limit for our great state."