Ahead of the 2024 Democratic National Convention the Delaware Democratic Party will select a small delegation of local Democrats, party leaders, and elected officials to formally nominate the Democratic nominee for U.S. President. This page outlines the process by which those delegates will be selected.

The 30-day Delegate Selection Plan Public Comment Period has closed

At the close of the public comment period, the Delaware Democratic Party's State Executive Committee convened to deliberate the Draft 2024 Delegate Selection Plan and commentary received. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Committee unanimously adopted the draft of its Delegate Selection Plan for the 2024 Democratic National Convention. The plan has now been submitted to the Democratic National Committee's Rules & Bylaws Committee for final approval. 

Once approved, this page will be updated throughout the delegate selection process.

The plan details the Delaware Democratic Party's commitment to a fair, accessible, and transparent process that ensures that Delaware's 2024 Democratic National Convention delegation reflects the party locally.

Delaware is slated to select 34 total delegates and two (2) alternates for the Democratic National Convention. In addition, Delaware will send three (3) convention pages and three (3) standing committee members to next summer's Democratic convention. 17 of Delaware's delegate slots are open to any local registered Democrat. The remaining Convention Delegates are automatically included as members of the delegation and include Delaware's DNC members, U.S. Congressional delegation, and Governor.  

All local registered Democrats are encouraged to participate in the process, which will begin fielding applications in early 2024. Through next Winter and Spring, the state and local parties will host a series of public caucuses and meetings to decide on Delaware’s delegation. Rep. District level caucuses will take place in February to select electors to the State level caucus. On May 4, 2024, electors will gather in Dover for the 2024 Delegate Selection Caucus. Those selected as delegates will travel to Chicago, Illinois for the 2024 Democratic National Convention where the Party will formally make its nomination for President.

A draft of the plan can be found at the bottom of this webpage.