State Party Leadership

There are 25 voting members of the State Executive Committee. In addition to the statewide leadership, each subdivision is represented at the State Executive Committee by the subdivision chair, treasurer, and at-large members. 

The seven statewide party officials were elected at the Democratic State Convention, held May 11th, 2013.

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State Party Chair:

John D. Daniello

State Party Vice Chairs:

Lisa Goodman
Jim Hussey

State Treasurer:

Representative Helene Keeley

State Secretary:

Linda Cavanaugh

National Committeeman:

Speaker Bob Gilligan

National Committeewoman:

Karen Valentine

Subdivision Chairs:

City of Wilmington: Theo Gregory Sr.

New Castle County: Elizabeth Maron

Kent County: John Mancus

Sussex County: Mitch Crane

Subdivision Treasurers:

City of Wilmington: Lynne Fuller

New Castle County: Kristin Barnekov-Short

Kent County: Jody Sweeney

Sussex County: Rita Hughes

At-Large Members:

City of Wilmington: Darius Brown

New Castle County: J.J. Johnson, Jim Paoli, Erik Raser-Schramm, Renee Taschner

Kent County: Steve Johnson

Sussex County: Carl Ballato

State At-Large: Maria Cabrera, Cerron Cade, Laura Wisniewski

The State Executive Committee also includes a non-voting parliamentarian.