Senator Coons urges colleagues to reform the PATRIOT Act, protect Americans' privacy

"I think time has run out for us to even discuss reauthorizing a program that has explicitly been held illegal."

Investing in Infrastructure to Grow the Economy

Governor Markell highlights the need for investment in a modernized infrastructure network to promote long-term economic activity and improve road safety.

Sign the Petition: Support Infrastructure Investment

Join us in supporting Governor Markell’s plan to improve Delaware’s roads, bridges and ports.

Sen. Carper Hosts Senate Recycling Caucus Earth Day Briefing

"We need solutions to manage our resources that are win-wins for our economy and our environment."

Rep. Carney Introduces Bills To Promote Workforce Development

Legislative package includes bills to encourage skills development and improve resources available to job-seekers and employers.

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04 May 2015 Press Release

New Castle - The Delaware Democratic Party has released its draft Delegate Selection Plan for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The plan can be found online here.

25 March 2015 Blog entry

When today’s college students choose a major, they’re making an important choice about their careers.

As parents and policymakers, we need to do everything we can to ensure they have the skills to thrive in the global marketplace, and right now there’s much more we can do to train young Delawareans for the good, 21st century manufacturing jobs of both today and tomorrow.

03 February 2015 Blog entry

CLICK HERE to explore where your tax dollars would go and to see what percentage of the Federal budget is dedicated to different program areas under President Obama's proposed budget for 2016.

24 October 2014 Press Release

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota, delivered the keynote speech at Monday’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner.

09 May 2014 Blog entry

Republican legislators in Delaware and Washington, D.C., alike have always been proponents of deregulating government. Freedom is the central idea to many of their ideologies as well as their proposed legislation. Yet, when it comes to same-day registration they wish to keep current regulations that would limit access.

16 April 2014 Blog entry

Companies partner with state agencies to engage students in career planning and experiential learning opportunities

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