Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

The Delaware Democratic Party believes that public safety is a responsibility of government at all levels, federal, state, county and municipalities. Public safety and emergency preparedness should be addressed through a community-based approach, sharing resources working with the State, County and City governments. The Delaware Democratic Party supports:

  • Focusing on crime prevention, not just punishment, by examining rehabilitation and other alternatives in lieu of incarceration,
  • Allocating resources to substance abuse treatment and family counseling,
  • Eliminating racial profiling,
  • Promoting equal justice for all,
  • Protecting Delaware’s citizens from acts of violence and natural disaster,
  • Ensuring that the government of Delaware is prepared to respond to emergency situations, and
  • The concept that, by acting responsibly and with respect for differing views on the weapons issues, we can protect our constitutional rights and keep our communities and our children safe.