Progressive Democrats for Delaware

Primary Contact

Jordyn Pusey

We aim to provide a home where liberals and progressives can share their principles and values. We intend to counter the Right Wing’s arrogant dominance of American political life with a fairer and more caring vision of America.

Founded in 2004, Progressive Democrats for Delaware is a grassroots, volunteer organization that is recognized by Democracy For America and the Delaware Democratic Party. We are incorporated in the State of Delaware and we are a legally organized PAC. We report to the Delaware Department of Elections and the Federal Elections Commission.

PDD encourages its membership to take concrete practical action in preference to discussion and complaint. We place a high value on leadership through example. We favor individual initiative as an antidote to the kind of internal debate that can paralyse an otherwise effective group.

We value action not talk.

Over the years, we have grown in numbers and financial strength and we are now in a position to aggressively support progressive positions and candidates in Delaware.