2018 Local Primary Candidates

2018 has been a landmark year, with more Delaware Democrats than ever running for local office.  When more than one Democrat seeks the same office a primary is triggered and the winner earns a place on November's General Election ballot. This year's Primary Election will be held on Thursday, September 6th.

The State of Delaware holds closed primaries, meaning that voters must be registered members of a party to vote in that party's primary. In other words, only registered Democrats are able to vote in the Democratic Primary. Additionally, voters may only cast their vote in districts in which they reside. To check your voter registration or residency visit IVote.DE.gov.

More on the 2018 Primary:

Endorsed Primary Candidates

Statewide Primary Candidates

City of Wilmington Primaries

2nd State Senate District Darius Brown
Bobby Cummings
Sam Guy
Herman Holloway Jr.
3rd State Senate District Jordan Hines
Elizabeth Lockman
1st State Representative District Nnamdi Chukwuocha
Charles Potter
2nd State Representative District Stephanie Bolden
U'Gundi Jacobs
3rd State Representative District Sherry Dorsey-Walker
Paul Falkowski
Jim Miller


New Castle County Primaries

5th State Representative District Ajawavi Ajavon (endorsed)
Kendra Johnson
William Resto
7th State Representative District Joseph Daigle
Catherine Imburgia
Rose Izzo
Larry Lambert
Raymond Seigfried
9th State Representative District Debbie Harrington
Monique Johns
James Ryan
12th State Representative District Rachel Blumenfeld
Krista Griffith (endorsed)
16th State Representative District Franklin Cooke
C. Linwood Jackson
Jakim Mohammed (endorsed)
17th State Representative District Michael Burns
Melissa Minor-Brown
David Roberts
22nd State Representative District Guillermina Gonzalez
Renee Taschner (endorsed)
New Castle County Sheriff Scott Phillips
Samuel Pratcher
1st County Council District Jordyn Pusey
Ken Woods (endorsed)
4th County Council District Penrose Hollins
Vincent White
6th County Council District David Carter
Bill Powers


Kent County Primary

31st State Representative District Sean Lynn (endorsed)
Ralph Taylor