Democratic State Convention 2017

April 5th, Chairman John Daniello formally issued the 2017 Call to Convention. This action sets a date, time, and location for the 2017 Democratic State Convention. Delegates will gather in Dover to vote on State Party Leadership and conduct such other business as it properly comes before the Delegation. 

  1. State Convention Scheduling Details
    1. Time and Date: June 10, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.
    2. Location
  2. Delegates & Alternates
    • Delegates will be elected at RD level meetings throughout the state. These meetings are listed under Upcoming Events.
    • June 10th State Convention Delegates will vote on State Party Leadership and other matters presented at the convention
    • The State Executive Committee determines the number of delegates for each Representative District (“RD”) committee.
    • The number of delegates is based on a formula in the State Rules based on composite Democratic strength and turnout for all statewide 2016 races. (Clinton, Rochester, Carney, Hall-Long and Navarro).
    • Qualifications
      • Registered Democrats in Delaware for at least one year prior to their election as a delegate.
      • Age exception: a delegate or alternate only needs to be registered for 30 days, if they only became old enough to register within last six months
    • Alternates
      • Each RD committee also elects 5 alternates
      • Alternate’s order of ascension is set at the time of selection. I.e., the RD committee ranks the alternates as “first alternate,” and so on.
    • Of note, committees (state, subdivision, RD) are prohibited from endorsing candidates for delegate
  3. County Caucus

    1. Each subdivision chairs call a meeting of their division’s delegates to select Credential and Rules committee members.
  4. 2017 State Party Platform

    1. The Paltform Committe will formally submit a State Democraric Party Platform for a vote at this convention.
      1. This will mark a crucial step in a long process that began in 2016 with a series of public meetings
    2. A draft platform will be provided to delegates ahead of the June 10th convention for comment and suggestion.
    3. May 30th, the Platform Committee will host a public meeting to take suggestions from the local Democrats.
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