Letter from the Chairman

The Delaware Democratic Party has always been committed to supporting our working families.  Right now, our Democratic leaders are fighting to get people back to work, to help families stay in their homes, and to keep health care affordable.

Democrats in Delaware came out of the 2010 Election as strong as ever.  We were one of two states in the country where Democrats picked up seats in our state legislature—we now hold a 26-15 majority in the House and a 14-7 majority in the Senate.  We also hold all but one statewide office and have an entirely Democratic Congressional Delegation.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting those who keep Delaware strong and who will get our country back on track.  No matter what, we’ll keep doing things the Delaware way—working with all groups and individuals to find real solutions to the challenges we face.



John D. Daniello
Chairman, Delaware Democratic Party